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Become Your Own Interior Designer for Your Fire-Damaged House

Become Your Own Interior Designer for Your Fire-Damaged House

Turning a fire-damaged home into a “dream home” can be one of the most fun, most satisfying things you ever do.

It’s true. I mean your home is the place where you spend most of your time … so having that home look the way you want it to look and to be comfortable and inviting can have so many benefits.

You’ll feel happier and less stressed. Your home will become a true sanctuary from the outside world.

You’ll take pride in having friends and family over. Maybe you won’t say it, but inside you’ll love the admiration and praise they give your beautiful home when they see it.

Good design can also make it easier to sell fire-damaged houses, which are known as being notoriously difficult to sell.

The good news is you don’t have to spend lots of money on a professional interior designer to bring your vision to life … or if you don’t have a vision to create one for you.

All you need to know are a few principles and secrets that professional designers like to guard like they are state secrets. But it makes sense that they try to do this though, because if everybody learned these secrets it would drive many of them out of business.

We’re all amateur interior designers inside …

I mean who can better understand our own tastes than ourselves? But knowing what we like and designing a room or area or entire home to evoke a feeling or emotion or a sense of comfort or particular level of attractiveness are two different things.

If you’ve ever tried to take on an interior design project in the past chances are you quickly found yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Maybe you were afraid of making expensive mistakes? Maybe you had a vision of what you want but didn’t know how to turn it into reality? Maybe you had no vision at all but knew you wanted something different?

Well, no matter how that turned out you can redesign your fire-damaged house. The key to success is visualizing a design and then using color, spacing and decoration to bring that design to life.

The keys to good interior design

There are basically seven key design elements to keep in mind when transforming a fire-damaged house or room. Those elements are:

– Space

– Line

– Form

– Light

– Color

– Texture

– And pattern

In short, you need to balance all of these elements in order to create an eye-pleasing, comfort-inspiring design scheme.

Here are some design tips to keep in mind:

Identify your style

Go to furniture stores; look at design magazines and websites online. Find out what style or styles you find most appealing and then be sure to use those styles when designing the interior of your fire-damaged house.

Get organized

When it comes to design it is best not to try to “wing it.” Instead you should create a document, or design brief, that details what you want to accomplish with the design and includes a shopping list of items you need to bring the ideal result to reality. You should also include a budget and timeline in your brief.

Take advantage of samples

A great way to see how a design is going to work before actually working on it is to take advantage of samples. There are all kinds of samples you can use, such as: sample pots, cuttings, brushouts, catalogs and more. Use all the samples you can to get a better feel for the reality of a design.

Create layers of lighting

The best rooms have lighting that can be adjusted for times of the day or special events. That means you need layered lighting that can be individually controlled. The truth is most rooms require three lighting types – general, accent and task.

Don’t be afraid to try before you buy

Most suppliers allow you to take home rugs and artwork so that you can actually see it in the room before you officially buy it. Don’t be afraid to try this. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of how a piece fits into a room and design.

Create a mock-up

You can make your mock-up as elaborate or basic as you need. Basically, you want to create a model of the actual space so that you can see how things are going to look before implemented in the actual space. Your mock-up should include furniture or representative symbols so that you can see what you have, what you need and how it all goes together.

Don’t forget “flow”

One of the keys of effective design is to go beyond how something looks and feels and consider how easy it is for people to move around. So study the movement patterns in your design. You may even want to use color markers to track possible routes in your mock-up or on a diagram.

More tips for redesigning a space after a house fire:

  • Consider making quick but effective tweaks to your home that immediately improve how it looks and feels … without breaking the bank
  • Take existing furniture and decor items and use them to enhance your design
  • Study which colors really work together, which ones don’t and how to make the best use of color in your home
  • Measure your home like a professional in order to avoid making costly errors when installing furniture
  • Draw your very own to-scale space plan so that you can assess which furniture works best and what does not
  • Place furniture to optimize the space in your home and create areas that are both attractive and functional


These tips save time and save money and they let you experience the joy and satisfaction that come with creation.

Sure, you can be proud of something a professional interior designer creates for you but that pride goes to another level when you created that something yourself.

The truth is something as terrible as a house fire can also be an opportunity – an opportunity to create something beautiful out of the destruction.

If at all possible, you should try to look at this as an opportunity to create something even better than before.

However, if you do not want to go through a long redesign and repair process in your fire-damaged house …

There is another option …

You can sell the house in “as is” condition to We Buy Fire Damaged Houses.

We pay all cash and offer terrific pricing. You get your money fast and can move on with your life. Fill out the short form below to get the process started.



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