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Why should I use your services?

Our goal is to buy your fire damaged house fast and at no extra cost to you. Every step, from evaluating your home (estimating the fire damage costs) to making the final cash offer, is completely free of charge. You are not responsible for any of the closing costs.

Call us at 1-800-267-2360 to have a local representative personally come out to your fire damaged home to schedule a thorough on-site evaluation. We’ll make a cash offer as soon as the fire damaged property has been evaluated. In other words, you are guaranteed to have a cash offer before we leave.

Once the price of the fire damaged house for sale has been accepted, we will draft a contract outlining the agreed-upon terms. After the contract has been executed by both parties, we will send the contract to our title company to begin a full title search on the fire damaged property for sale. After the title has been cleared, we will set a closing date and time (typically within seven days or less).

No, you are not obligated at all. There is no risk involved when requesting a cash offer for your home from us. At no point will you be charged any hidden fees (regardless of whether you decide to do business with us or not).

We immediately start the paperwork to purchase your fire damaged house for sale at a time and date that works best for you – which, for most clients, is as soon as possible. All closing costs are kept to a minimum and are fully covered by us.

Absolutely not. We buy fire damaged houses for sale in virtually any condition – whether they are beautiful or ugly houses for sale, it makes no difference to us.

We specialize in burned houses for sale, but we also buy other kinds of fire damaged property for sale such as condos, apartment buildings, multiplex units, vacant lots and certain commercial properties.

Yes, of course! If you tell us about any vacant lot or house in your area, we will be sure to contact you. You could possibly earn a finder’s fee of up to $1,000 if we are able to purchase the burned down house for sale.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about burned houses for sale. Please fill out our online form to the left or call us at 1-800-267-2360. There are no risks, obligations, or associated fees when you contact We Buy Fire Damaged Houses.


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