How to Recover Mentally & Physically from a House Fire

  A house fire can have numerous mental and physical effects. For example, emotionally following a fire a person often feels shock, anger, and a longer-term feeling of hopelessness and despondency. Because a house fire is a loss – the loss of your home – the emotions can be comparable to those of mourning. And […]

Did Your House Fire Make You Depressed?

  Stressful, life-altering events like a house fire can cause people to fall into a state of depression. That’s why, if you have suffered a house fire recently, you need to pay close attention to your state of mind. Because it can often be difficult for people to recognize changes in themselves, here is a […]

How Long Does the Smoke Smell Last After a House Fire?

  A house fire is always tragic. No matter how big or tiny the fire, it is going to ruin to some degree the priceless memories that were created in the home. Still, you can’t afford to lament your loss for very long. You need to start cleaning up for the safety and well-being of […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Smoke Damage from a Neighbor’s Fire?

  You’re driving home and you see smoke coming from a home in your neighborhood. Soon fire trucks are whizzing by you on the road and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach that your house is on fire. Luckily, when you turn onto your street you realize it is not your house on […]

Dealing With Water Damage After a House Fire

  It’s critical to move promptly to clean up and restore your property if water damage occurs during the process of putting out a house fire. Homeowners should keep in mind that although some service providers tackle property damage in a “one size fits all” manner, others offer a tailored strategy. Let’s look at some […]

Burn Injuries: Everything You Need to Know

  More than 450,000 people seek medical attention for burns every year, of which 45,000 require hospitalization and 3,500 pass away, the American Burn Association indicates. In the US, only automobile accidents cause more accidental deaths than burns. In the meanwhile, severe burns can cause tremendous suffering for survivors and frequently leave sufferers with psychological […]

How to Redecorate on a Budget After a House Fire

  If you suffered a recent house fire, redecorating in these inflationary times could prove difficult. Here are some tips you can use to redecorate on a budget after a house fire. The tips are for two of the most common rooms damaged in a house fire – the kitchen and the bathroom. Redecorating the […]

Considering Life Insurance After a House Fire

  Suffering a house fire causes many victims to start thinking more about life insurance. Suddenly faced with the fragility of life and the way unexpected events can throw our lives into chaos, they want to provide their family with security via a life insurance policy. But which type of policy is best? The majority […]

Improve Your Skin’s Appearance Following a House Fire

Whether you were subjected to smoke and soot or simply the stress that typically arises after a house fire … There is a good chance your skin could be negatively impacted. For instance, smoke and soot can cause such things as atopic dermatitis (Eczema) and psoriasis, which can both produce red, itchy rashes. Stress can […]

How to Live on a Budget After a House Fire

  There is never a good time to have a house fire but economic conditions today can be particularly hard on house fire victims. Rising inflation has made getting by difficult for many. Add a surprise event like a house fire and its accompanying expenses and many families may be thrown into financial crisis. In […]