Secure Your Fire-Damaged Home Site to Avoid Personal Injury Suits

  The last thing you want in the aftermath of a house fire is to be sued by a nosy neighbor who got injured in your burned home. That’s why you need to make sure the burned structure is secure. You don’t want someone wondering onto the site and getting hurt. You also don’t want […]

How to Get the Highest Return When Selling a Fire-Damaged House

If you have recently suffered a fire-damaged house and are now planning to sell (or thinking about it) here are some tips for getting the best possible price. First off, when trying to get the highest return when selling a fire-damaged house, do everything possible to keep your costs down and draw in the highest […]

How Fires Impact Property Values

As wildfires occur more frequently each year, many homeowners are wondering how fires impact property values. As you probably guessed, the news is not good. Fires impact local property values in an almost uniformly negative way. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your house actually burned or not, the value is still likely to go […]

What Happens to Your Mortgage After a House Fire

What happens to your mortgage after a house fire?

If you are the victim of a house fire, one of the first things you may wonder about is your mortgage. So what happens to your mortgage if your house is destroyed by fire? The lender doesn’t just cancel your mortgage, it remains in effect. However, your insurer should pay off the mortgage as part […]

Home Appraisal FAQs

Find Out What You Need to Know to Get Your Fire-Damaged House Properly Appraised … If you are planning on selling a fire damaged house, you are going to need to have it appraised. The truth is if you are planning on selling your fire-damaged house, a professional appraisal is one of the best investments […]

Can You Rent Out a Fire Damaged Property?

Could You Turn Your Fire Damaged House into a Profitable Rental Property? Many people today are interested in creating additional income streams. If you are the owner of a fire damaged house, that means you may be considering fixing it up and renting it out. Renting property can be a great way to create a […]

How to Sell Your Fire-Damaged House Online

One of the best ways to sell houses these days, including fire-damaged houses, is by listing them online. As the pandemic has made open houses less appealing, many people are now actually buying houses directly from viewing them online. Here are some tips for creating a listing that helps your fire-damaged house sell fast. Think […]

Sell vs. Renovate a Fire Damaged House?

Reasons You May Want to Sell Over Renovate When it comes to deciding between renovating or selling a fire-damaged house, there are many things that need to be considered. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you don’t end up regretting a decision to renovate your fire-damaged house. 1) Make […]

Tips for Selling a Fire Damaged House on Your Own

Many people who are looking to sell a fire-damaged house want to do it on their own in order to save money on commissions. If you are the owner of a fire-damaged house and you want to sell it on your own, here are some tips to help make the process go smoother and faster. […]

Tips for Selling a Fire-Damaged House in 2021

While selling a fire-damaged house is always going to be difficult, the good news is that the real estate market is expected to favor sellers in the New Year. In fact, the median home sales price is expected to increase 5% to 6% in 2021 – already houses are spending 14 days less on the […]