Why Water Damage is One More Big Thing to Worry About After a House Fire

  No homeowner or business owner ever wants to face a fire because it is a tragic event that is accompanied by uncertainty, irritation, and worry. And it turns out there is even more to worry about than just damage from flames. Many individuals might not be aware that water damage following a fire is […]

9 Things to Do Before Hiring a Contractor for House Fire Repairs

  There’s a good possibility that if you have suffered a house fire, you’ll need to employ contractors for repairs at some point. Unfortunately, there are risks involved when hiring a contractor or handyman to work on your fire-damaged house. Here are nine things to do before you employ a contractor so that you can […]

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Fire-Damaged House?

  Over $12 billion in damages were inflicted by over 500,000 fires in 2019, the latest year for which statistics are available. So in other words, even modest fires can result in significant financial losses as well as considerable emotional losses. If you have experienced a house fire and suffered losses, it’s important to clean […]

Assessing the Value of Your Fire-Damaged House

  If your house has been damaged by fire one of the first things you likely want to find out is the value of what is remaining. The good news is you don’t have to be a licensed inspector to effectively evaluate a property’s value. Here are some things to consider when attempting to assess […]

How to Replace a Fire-Damaged Deck

A frequent site of home fires is the patio or deck. If your outside space has been damaged by fire, here are some tips to keep in mind when replacing it.  Basic steps for patio construction There are six basic areas that you will want to address to ensure to maximize the beauty and effectiveness […]

Getting the Right Wood for Your Fire-Damaged House Rebuild

Whether your house has sustained serious damage or minor damage one of the key choices you’ll need to make when repairing or rebuilding a fire-damaged house is the type of wood that is used. The truth is there are hundreds of kinds of woods available for a fire-damaged house rebuild and each tree has its […]

Should You Replace a Fire-Damaged House With a ‘Prefab’ House?

Owners of fire-damaged houses must make a lot of difficult decisions. For example, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you should you repair your house’s fire damage … or try to sell the house and move on? If the house is severely damaged you may have to decide between trying […]

Consider Hiring a Female Contractor for Your Burned House

Find Out Why a Woman Might Be the Right “Man” for That Burned House Repair Job … If you have suffered a significant house fire, you are going to need to hire a contractor to come in and make needed repairs. Now, more than ever before, there is a good chance the contractors you consider […]

6 Tips for Hiring the Best Fire Damage Contractor

Repairing a fire damaged house can go smoothly or it can be a process filled with difficulties, delays and cost overruns. The biggest determining factor for the success of your project is the fire damage restoration contractor you select. The truth is there is no shortage of horror stories out there about incompetent contractors trying […]