How a House Fire Impacts Insurance Rate

  One of the biggest concerns of those who have suffered a house fire or are worried about suffering one is how the fire will impact their insurance rate. Unfortunately, the answer is if you suffer a house fire, you can expect the impact on your rate to be significant. According to new research, the […]

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover After a House Fire?

  In the US, fire departments respond to a call every 24 seconds – many of these calls are for house fires. Hopefully, your home will never be the reason for one of these house fire calls but if it is, or if you are just worried about what might happen if your home did […]

Factors That Affect House Fire Insurance Payouts

If you have suffered a house fire there are several factors that could affect the size of the payout you receive from your insurance company. For instance, the cause of the fire can be an important factor as well as how much damage was sustained in the fire. One of the biggest factors affecting house […]

How to Get the Best Insurance Settlement Following a House Fire

The aftermath of a house fire can be a very stressful time. One of the most common worries of homeowners during this period is the insurance settlement. You may wonder what the final settlement amount may be and if there is anything you can do to guarantee a better amount. Likewise, you might also worry […]

What Happens if a House You’re Renting Burns Down?

The number of renters in the United States is on the increase. Currently, there are approximately 44.1 million home renters and due to the recent pandemic and other factors that number is climbing steadily. If you are one of the many people who are renting their home today you may have several questions and concerns […]

What is and is Not Covered in Fire Insurance

If you have recently suffered a house fire, one of the first things you are going to wonder about is exactly what is and is not covered in fire insurance. In this article, we are going to take a look at what is typically covered by fire insurance and what is typically not. We are […]

What Happens if a Tenant Burns Down Your House?

If you are a landlord renting out a house, townhouse, condominium or apartment to a tenant the thought of a fire may be one of your biggest fears. The good news is, if you take certain precautions, you can be protected against financial loss. So what does happen if a tenant burns down your house? […]

What Happens to Your Mortgage After a House Fire

What happens to your mortgage after a house fire?

If you are the victim of a house fire, one of the first things you may wonder about is your mortgage. So what happens to your mortgage if your house is destroyed by fire? The lender doesn’t just cancel your mortgage, it remains in effect. However, your insurer should pay off the mortgage as part […]

Top Reasons Why a House Fire Insurance Claim May be Denied

If you are the owner of a fire-damaged house, you may be concerned about whether the claim you file with your insurance company is going to be denied. Claims are denied more often than many homeowners realize. Here are the main reasons house fire insurance claims are denied as well as what you can do […]

Understanding Your Insurance Policy in the Aftermath of a House Fire

If you are the owner of a fire-damaged house, one of the most important things you need to do – besides contacting your insurance agent is to gain a clear understanding of your insurance policy. While most of us have insurance policies on our homes, many of us have also never bothered to read the […]