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Raise the Roof – How to Repair a Fire-Damaged Roof

When it comes to house fires, one of the most common areas of a damaged home is the roof. Because smoke and heat rise, a fire-damaged roof is all too common. Unfortunately, repairing a fire-damaged roof is not quick or easy. Repairing a damaged roof after a house fire typically

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How to Best Deal with Smoke Damage After a House Fire

One of a homeowner’s biggest concerns after a house fire should be smoke damage.  That’s because breathing in smoke damage can pose various health risks due to the presence of harmful particles and chemicals. Here are some of the dangers associated with inhaling smoke damage after a house fire: Respiratory

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How to Handle Fire Damage to Walls in Your Home

Among the most common areas of a home to suffer damage in a fire are the walls. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to repair. In fact, repairing fire damage to walls typically involves several key steps, all of which are important. Let’s take a closer look. Main steps in

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Do You Need to Replace Carpet After a House Fire?

When a house fire occurs, the decision to keep or get rid of the carpet depends on several factors. One important thing to remember when assessing carpet after a house fire is that smoke damage can be dangerous to human health. We’ll talk more about this subject in a minute,

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6 Tips for Hiring the Best Fire Damage Contractor

Repairing a fire damaged house can go smoothly or it can be a process filled with difficulties, delays and cost overruns. The biggest determining factor for the success of your project is the fire damage restoration contractor you select. The truth is there is no shortage of horror stories out

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How to Deal with Smoke Residue After a House Fire

  One of homeowners’ biggest concerns following a house fire is the smoke residue that can linger in a home and be breathed in by occupants. These invisible smoke particles can severely damage a person’s health. In this article, we are going to take a look at what can be

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How to Get Your Life Back on Track Following a House Fire

  A house fire can be a very traumatic event that impacts your life financially and emotionally. Most people aren’t prepared for a house fire and find themselves reeling afterward. In this article, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions that arise after a house and provide tips

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