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Coping After a House Fire

Coping After a House Fire

Tough Times Don’t Last!

The truth is if you live long enough, you are highly likely to be knocked to your knees by life. In your case, a house fire may have destroyed your belongings and threw your life “completely out of whack.” You are not alone. Unfortunately, none of us are immune to these disasters happening. The trick is discovering how to cope after a house fire and what you need to do to restore order to your life.

Of course, losing your house to a fire is a huge life stressor. It can help to remember that you aren’t alone. There are others figuring out how to cope from stressful events, such as:

  • Being fired from your job
  • Having a loved one who died recently
  • Going through a divorce or breakup
  • Planning a wedding
  • Experiencing a lot of pressure at work
  • Raising children
  • Parenting a child who gets into trouble a lot
  • Arguing with family members or someone else
  • Being in debt
  • Driving a work commute that involves a lot of traffic and delays
  • Preparing to take important exams
  • Finding our you are pregnant
  • Experiencing legal and/or tax problems
  • Being unable to reach your goals
  • Having concerns about your or your family’s safety (this can be a big one following a house fire)
  • Getting married
  • Going through a personal illness or injury
  • Having difficulties sexually
  • Dealing with significant family stress
  • Getting used to a new job
  • Helping a child who is preparing to go away to school or leave home
  • Getting ready to start college or another type of education program or training yourself
  • Owning a business that is not doing well

In fact, you could even be facing several of these stressors at once. The more of these life stressors that you’re experiencing, the more likely you are to suffer physical and emotional illness, unless you know how to cope.

How To Cope After a House Fire

The good news is we can react to these stressors in a way that allows us to overcome them and get on with our life. Here are 10 highly effective techniques for not just surviving hard times, but thriving through them.

1. Ask others for assistance.

Trying to figure out things by yourself, or “going it alone” can lead to an increase in stress. Ask friends and family for help or find house fire victim assistance from organizations.

2. Stay optimistic.

Maintain an optimistic attitude about the future. Being negative can lead to negative things and raise your stress and frustration even more.

3. Follow by example. 

Look for role models who are dealing or have dealt with similar things that you are going through now. Then follow their example. Remember, a great way to increase your chances of winning is to copy those who have already won.

4. Be supportive to others. 

Look for others who are going through tough times that you can help. Helping others is a great way to boost your morale and sense of worth and help you get your mind off your own problems.

5. Turn off the news. 

If you watch or read a lot of news – stop! News can be very negative and cause you to develop even more of a negative outlook. Of course, you should stay up to date but, if possible, you should try to limit your news intake in order to more easily stay positive about the world today.

6. Establish a routine. 

Either get back to the regular routine you had before the fire or adapt a new routine that you can follow consistently. You need to move forward and having a daily routine can help you do that.

7. Promote positive affirmations. 

Start feeding your brain with positive thoughts and information.

8. Become a problem solver. 

Instead of being stuck thinking about your own problems, become a problem solver.

9. Stop addictive behaviors and patterns. 

If you drink and smoke – stop! Or at least do them less. Also, fight against any urges to overeat.

10. Start having fun again. 

Life is short, don’t let your house fire define your life. Start having fun again and enjoy your life!

Important Things To Remember

Remember: Keep tabs on all family members.

There is something else you need to worry about in addition to your own mental health after a house fire. You need to also be aware of your family’s health and happiness. When something unexpected like a house fire occurs, it can affect everyone from the young child whose routine is suddenly changed to the senior who has seen just about everything but now has to start over once again. Often, family members can become frustrated with their circumstances and even “give up” on life.

But here’s the truth:

Life is almost always a matter of small steps forward.

Remember: Immediate success is a dangerous fantasy.

One good philosophy of success to follow in life is the “one more inch” philosophy. This view of life keeps you focused on taking the steps every day that will lead you to your goals.

Think about it:

  • Races are often won or lost by inches.
  • Touchdowns in football are often the result of a player gaining an extra inch here or there.
  • Surgeons are considered great at what they do by how they handle fractions of an inch during surgery.
  • Weight-loss is all about the loss of inches around your waistline or in other areas of your body.

Wish as we might, we cannot get to the top of any mountain with a few big steps. Any successful journey is about taking the small steps … moving those inches … that are required to ultimately make it to the end. In other words, it’s so important to keep moving!

Once we accept this reality, we will be immune to the forces that seek to make us quit and give in when the going gets tough following a house fire.

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