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How Hard is it Really to Sell a Fire Damaged House?

How Hard is it Really to Sell a Fire Damaged House?

We’re not going to “sugarcoat” things in this article, so here’s the truth:

Trying to sell a fire-damaged house can be very difficult.

The simple truth is most people don’t want to buy a house that has been damaged in a fire. In fact, the vast majority of prospective home buyers won’t even look at a house that has been fire damaged.

So, if you are an owner looking to sell a fire damaged house you are at an immediate disadvantage.

How to Increase Your Chance of Selling

Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of selling your house in a reasonable amount of time:

1. Fix up the house

The first thing you will need to do is repair the fire damage to your home. Most buyers don’t want to buy a house with visible damage. They want to see a house that looks like new. Also, a repaired and nicer-looking home may convince them that the house is in great condition and safe to live in.

But you will need to be careful here. The problem many homeowners run into is paying too much for repairs and then not being able to get the money back to cover the repair cost through the sales price.

Remember, it is difficult to sell a fire damaged house, and that means you are most likely going to have to sell your home for a lower price. For this reason, you will have to be very careful about the repairs you make.

To be honest, this becomes something of a “Catch-22” situation for many homeowners. You can’t sell the house without repairing the damage, but you also can’t get your money’s worth on the sales price to cover the high cost of the repairs.

2. Market the house effectively

There are a lot of things you can do here to increase the chances of your fire damaged house selling.

For instance, make sure the outside of the home looks attractive. Mow the lawn and fix up the landscaping. Focus on “curb appeal.” Another key area that can improve the attractiveness of a house is the shutters – take a look at those and decide if they need to be upgraded.

Be sure to run ads. You can run them online and in a local newspaper. The headline of your ad is very important.

Be sure to use a strong headline that stops readers cold. Here are some examples that you may be able to use: Kiss your landlord goodbye, owner will help, rent to own, no banks needed, free TV!

Again, you may have to offer incentives to get your house sold in a timely manner and for a good price.

3. Use a lot of signs

You should keep signs up on the property at ALL times, and also put up signs in other areas. Be sure there is a cell phone number on the sign for prospects to call.

For example, put 5 to 10 pointer signs out. These are like small billboards directing folks to your house. You should also put out For Sale signs – put out approximately 5 of these types of signs.

Additional Marketing Tips 

  • Put your home on real estate listing websites, such as Zillow
  • Run newspaper ads – consider using newspaper inserts (you could even put a flyer in an issue of the newspaper)
  • Use info boxes (these are the tubes with flyers in them that are on the signs in front of the house)
  • Fax information to brokers or real estate agents
  • Put out flyers in the surrounding neighborhood as well as out at local stores for folks to pick up


If you are OK with paying a commission on the sale, which reduces your earnings even more, you can also always list hour fire damaged house with a real estate agent.

Focus Your Marketing Message

When marketing your home you want to have a clear focus to your advertising efforts. For example, you can stress that buyers would be paying below market price for a home in a terrific area.

You can highlight the quality of the local schools or the convenience of nearby amenities. You want to give the prospective buyer are reason to overlook that you are selling a fire damaged house and to begin to see the home as a true bargain.

Target Renters

Current renters could be a good market to focus on when selling a fire damaged house.

You could use a headline like this – Every Month You Wait, You Are Flushing Your Hard Earned Money Right Down The Toilet.

And then follow it up with copy that says something like the following:

Renting is wasting money. You make your landlord rich, but you do nothing for yourself. By putting those exact same dollars into a “house payment” instead of “rent”, you create “equity”… Value that you own, that can later send your kids to college, finance the start-up of your own business, or pay for your retirement. Be your own landlord and build up future financial security. As a homeowner you get tax breaks renters never get.

You can use ownership as the “foundation” of a complete change in your finances!

Don’t let the opportunity to own your own home pass you buy!

Want to avoid the hassles that come with trying to sell a fire damaged house?

Another option is to sell your fire damaged house “as-is” directly to We Buy Fire Damaged Houses.

With We Buy Fire Damaged Houses, there are:

  • No seller commissions
  • No stressful wait
  • No hassles
  • No expensive repairs


We are experienced in helping homeowners with difficult or rapid real estate transactions. We can help you avoid the uncertainties that accompany trying to sell a home yourself or through an estate agent, such as not knowing “when” or “if” your house will sell or for “how much.”

Another great thing about working with We Buy Fire Damaged Houses is that we pay a great price for your home and we pay in cash – so that you can get your money fast.

Then you could use the money from the sale of your house with your insurance settlement to buy an even nicer home in a nicer area.

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