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How to Redecorate on a Budget After a House Fire


If you suffered a recent house fire, redecorating in these inflationary times could prove difficult.

Here are some tips you can use to redecorate on a budget after a house fire.

The tips are for two of the most common rooms damaged in a house fire – the kitchen and the bathroom.

Redecorating the Kitchen After a House Fire

For many people, the thought of redecorating their kitchen can be frightening.

They start thinking that they need to replace everything in order to get a whole new look.

But this they do not need to do, by just following a few or all of the tips provided below, you should be able to create something new inexpensively.

Here are kitchen decorating tips for after a house fire:

-Instead of replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, why not repaint them? There are many techniques around which are easy to learn and will provide your cabinets with an expensive designer look.  Such techniques as crackling, faux finishing and glazing are not only simple to do, but will save you money.  If you need help on looking for ways to update old and tired kitchen cabinets, then take a look on the internet.

-Provide your kitchen walls with new paint. By painting your walls in warm and inviting colors, you will make the room even more of the hub of the home.  Plus, if you have good quality wooden cabinets, a new coat of paint will help the wood to appear richer.

-Why not spend a little of your budget on purchasing some new hand towels and potholders that will match the color of your new décor?

-Another simple and easy tip for redecorating your kitchen, and will cost you nothing, is to get beautiful dishes and glassware out of the cupboards, and use them to accentuate the kitchen.

More Kitchen Decorating Tips for After a House Fire

-A great way of changing the whole décor of your kitchen is by putting up new curtains. You could try this first before you do anything else.  They will help to create a fresh new look to your kitchen, and they certainly will not break the bank.  Plus, you may well find that just making this one change will give your kitchen a completely different look.  By changing your curtains, you could actually bring out the personality of the kitchen with little or no effort on your part.

-Why not use fabric in your kitchen? If you have appliances that you wish to hide, then using a fabric is a cheap and cost effective way of doing this.  Just get some material that co-ordinates with the décor of your kitchen, and some wire and hooks, and then just place the fabric in front of the appliance.  Hey, presto, it’s covered up, and the fabric provides a new dimension to your room.  Plus, if it should get dirty, all you need to do is take it off and put it in the washing machine and wash it.

-Why not consider replacing the cabinet doors. There are many companies around which provided many different designs, colors and shapes of kitchen cabinet doors.  This is a much more cost effective way of giving your kitchen a whole new look without actually having to replace the whole cabinet.

-Also why not just replace the ironmongery on your cabinet doors, and get new handles? Just by doing this you will be giving your kitchen a whole new look.

-One other affordable way of making your kitchen look different is by adding a kitchen island. They not only provide you with more counter space, but they provide a place where people can gather.  However, for those of us on a budget, instead of getting a permanent one, why not instead consider getting a kitchen cart?  Because they are on wheels, when not being used they can be put away, and so leave you with room in your kitchen. 

Final Kitchen Decorating Tips

-Finally, if your kitchen redecorating budget is so small that you would be unable to do any of the above. Then why not think about replacing the backsplash instead.  Just by doing this, you can really dress up that drab and dull kitchen that you have.  The great thing about backsplashes is that they now come in a variety of different colors and materials, as well as styles.  But how much you spend on this will depend on what material you select for it.

So as you can see, redecorating your kitchen on a budget can be as simple as just giving the walls a new coat of paint, or changing the existing hardware or doors on your cabinets.  But just by making one small change to your kitchen you can give it a whole new look.

Redecorating the Bathroom After a House Fire

Before you start thinking about any decorating you would like to do in your bathroom, you need to make sure that it is in good shape.  It is important that you make sure there are no leaks, and that all the caulking is tight.

You do not want to complete the redecoration of your bathroom, only to find a leak, and that you will have to completely redecorate after it has been fixed.

Unfortunately, although the bathroom is one of the easiest and least expensive to decorate, it is often the most neglected.  For many of us, redecorating our bathroom consists of replacing an old shower curtain with a new one and that’s it.

But hopefully, using the tips provided below, you should be able produce a whole new and inviting look to your bathroom.

Bathroom Decorating Tips for After a House Fire

-You can make a huge impact on this room by getting rid of any dark wood and old hardware on cupboards. Just by using some paint and replacing the handles on the doors, you will give the room a completely different look.

-Why not put some plants in your bathroom, as they thrive in such an environment?

-Use light. Bright colors will create the illusion of space even in the smallest of spaces (which many bathrooms are).

-Change the light fixtures, as the right type of lighting can make a huge difference to any bathroom.

-Why not consider replacing the taps to your bath and sinks. Just by replacing the tired, old looking taps to your bath, you will give it a completely different look, and it’s an inexpensive way of updating an old room.

-Instead of buying a new shower curtain, why not instead choose to use a regular curtain. This can be hung from a tension rod and backed with a shower curtain liner.  Such liners come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive to buy.

-Get a few candles. Not only are they attractive, but they instantly add warmth (even when not lit to a space). Also, there is so much variety of colors, shapes and sizes of candles available, that I think you will find it difficult to choose exactly what you want.  But it is best if you buy ones which will co-ordinate with the décor of your bathroom.  Plus, add a few bars of scented soap and your bathroom will soon feel warm and luxurious.

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