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How to Sell Your Fire-Damaged House Online

How to Sell Your Fire-Damaged House Online

One of the best ways to sell houses these days, including fire-damaged houses, is by listing them online.

As the pandemic has made open houses less appealing, many people are now actually buying houses directly from viewing them online.

Here are some tips for creating a listing that helps your fire-damaged house sell fast.

Think like a marketer

You need to think like a marketer, which means think like your customer. Take a moment to consider what are their problems? What do they need? How can you make sure your house appeals to them? And how will they find you?

The answer to this last question is through the words and pictures you use, the listings and, eventually, the advertising you do.

And why will they choose to buy from you? Because you’ve earned their trust, you’ve answered every question and you’ve convinced them they need your fire-damaged house.

Choose the right words

So what are the right words for your listing? As a seller, you want to craft a listing that appeals to the types of people who buy your kind of house.

If they want “unique” then use words like “unique” or “one-of-a-kind” (if true) in the listing to get them interested.

In your description, you also want to show you know your house cold, you love it and you know that they need it. So do your homework and let that knowledge shine through in your writing.

Be enthusiastic about the home and tell prospective buyers how it will make their lives better. Say everything you can think of that buyers might want to know, especially benefits that they might not have thought of.

Talk about local schools, closeness to shopping and restaurants or parks. Talk about the back yard or the calm setting. But don’t spin your yarn too far out. People who exaggerate too much aren’t trusted, and you must appear (and be) trustworthy at all times. Especially in your descriptions. Be honest, to a fault.

Use the right pictures

How do you get the right pictures? When selling online, you must have good pictures and plenty of them. Prospective buyers want to see what they will get.

You should either hire a professional photographer or invest in a digital camera and/or a scanner and learn the basics of getting the pictures into the PC and online.

It’s a simple part of the listing process; just click on a button, browse through your PC to find the photo file you want to display and click the “upload” button.

Remember to think like a customer. Use photos that are well lit and that properly display each area of your home.

Watch and learn

If you know you are going to be selling your home, take some time before listing it to study how others are marketing their homes online.

You should also constantly monitor your listings. Don’t just launch a listing and walk away. You wouldn’t do that in any other kind of business, would you? Treat selling your house like it is a business.

Watch when comments come in and if you are not getting views or interest make changes. A new photo or different copy or a different sales angle could be just what is needed to sell your fire-damaged house.

Many sites now offer reporting features. You can get reports on how many people have viewed your listing and more.

Be sure to use everything that is available to you. Do the smart marketing that separates the wannabe from the pros. Know what works rather than just guessing—or believing somebody else.

You may even want to create a few different listings of the home to increase your chances for success.

Remember, it can be difficult to sell a fire-damaged house so you need to be open to fine-tuning and making changes to sell your house as fast as possible.

Keep an eye on the competition

Keep a close eye on your fellow home sellers. Examine how their listings work and see who is selling quickly and for what price. See how they are using the listing. How do their titles read? What benefits and features are they pointing out that others aren’t? Are they using fancy type or other formats? Are they making a good-enough profit or can you see how to do it a little (or a lot) better?

Think outside the box

Don’t be afraid to do things other sellers aren’t. For example, maybe you should film a virtual tour of the home – or you can allow prospects to schedule physical home tours.

You could also give away free items to those who tour the home – like a free report on the area or on the local schools. You could also offer upgrades like fresh paint or discount pricing if they take action by a certain date.

With fire-damaged homes typically staying on the market for a lot longer than similar homes that haven’t been damaged by fire …

And with fire-damaged homes selling for less you may need to go above and beyond to sell the home fast and for a good price.

Does all of this sound like too much?

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