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Money-Saving Tips for When a House Fire Forces You to Move

If a severe house fire forces you to move, there are things you can do to lower the expense and stress typically involved with this life-disrupting experience.

The truth is many homeowners who are moving fail to fully consider the impact the process can have on their financial health as well as their peace and happiness.

Here are five tips to save money and help ensure your move after a house fire goes smoothly and inexpensively no matter where you are located.

5 Money-Saving Moving Tips

Tip #1 – Move in the “off-season.”

If you don’t have to move immediately, or if you have somewhere to stay for a while it can pay to wait. In particular, it can pay to wait until the “off-season.” This may not be possible for you but if it is it can be a way to save money on the move as many moving companies cut their fees during the off-season. The off-season by the way would be from October to April.

Tip #2 – Downsize.

Get rid of things you do not need. The less stuff you have the less it will cost to move. This tip can be especially beneficial if you are downsizing your house – moving from a larger house to a smaller one – as you are going to need to reduce your possessions anyway. Don’t wait to downsize until the day of the move, go through your possessions in the months before the move to cut down on stress and save time on the big day.

Tip #3 – Buy your own packing supplies.

It can be tempting to buy moving supplies such as boxes and tape from a moving company but this is generally a much more expensive option. Buy the supplies yourself from office supply stores and bulk stores to save money. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions in the months before your move.

Tip #4 – Do the moving yourself.

Instead of hiring a moving company you can rent a Uhaul truck or a POD to save money. You and family members or friends will have to do the loading and unloading yourself but it can result in a significant savings.

Tip #5 – Sell your house to We Buy Fire Damaged Houses.

There are a number of advantages to selling your house to us. We offer great prices and pay in all cash so that you get your money fast. This can help ensure you have the money you need to pay moving costs.

Plus, there’s more. We also buy houses “as is,” which means you will not need to completely clean out your house. Just leave what you don’t want and we’ll get rid of it. That means no trips to the dump and less work loading and unloading a truck or POD!

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Now here are 3 tips to help reduce the stress of moving

Tip #1 – Take inventory.

To save yourself time and frustration go through your stuff prior to move out day and separate it into categories – keep, throw away, sell and donate. If you are like most families not everyone is going to agree on every item so handling this before “cleaning out day” can make things a lot less stressful on that day.

Tip #2 – Minimize duplication.

One great way to save space when moving from a larger house to a smaller one is to get rid of duplicates. For example, if you have multiple sets of drinking glasses, don’t be afraid to get rid of some of them.

Tip #3 – Store important stuff first.

If, after going through your items, you still think you are going to have too much for your new place be sure to store important stuff in your new home first. Fill the closets, garage, attic and other storage areas with “must-keep items” and then work your way down to less important items. Then if you don’t have room for some of the lesser important things, get rid of them.

The bottom line is don’t let yourself get overwhelmed

We all know that moving can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. Avoid these negative states by focusing instead on the next step and when that is completed the step after that and so on. Before you know it the trials and tribulations brought on by this experience will be behind you.

If you do begin to feel overwhelmed, look for a good counseling service and/or support group. You can find plenty of them by doing a Google search online.

A house fire is traumatic and you do not have to go through it alone! Get help if you need it!

Remember, a great way to reduce stress is to sell your house to We Buy Fire Damaged Houses. In fact, we look forward to hearing from you and to helping make your home sale and move as easy and stress free as possible.

Since we buy fire-damaged houses in as is condition, you won’t have to hire a contractor and go through a long, often frustrating process.

Restoring a house is time-consuming and can take many months. Selling a fire damaged house can be easier than living in a construction zone or being displaced for a long period of time. We are often able to close within seven days!

Plus, selling your house after a fire is typically much cheaper than the expensive repairs and cleaning costs associated with home restoration. Hiring a general contractor is costly and comes with mandatory inspections and construction permits, not to mention possible fines and delays.

So, to avoid stress and having to fix up your fire-damaged house, sell it to We Buy Fire Damaged Houses. We always pay a great price – and in all cash!

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