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Overcoming the Shock & Trauma of a House Fire


One of the biggest obstacles many house fire victims face is overcoming the shock and trauma of the event.

After all, most people don’t expect a house fire to occur .. so, when one does, it can leave us reeling.

We may feel uncertain and uneasy; like the ground is moving beneath us and we can’t get solid footing.

We may lose our confidence and find it hard to focus as our thoughts return again and again to the house fire.

A House Fire Can Cause Us to Feel Lost

When we feel lost, we never know what we’ll do. We go in circles. We squander valuable time. We lose alignment with who we are. We start making poor decisions and often go against what is best for us.

All of this is because we are trying to process an unexpected event that has made us afraid. And when we are afraid, we behave inappropriately. We become numb. We suppress our emotions. We bury our affection under anger. We try every coping method at our disposal.

Change may be frightening to undergo, challenging to comprehend, and even more challenging to accept. But the truth is change is a consistent part of life.

We have to learn to deal with it and move on. Here are four tips for dealing with the sudden change brought on by a house fire.

Stop Resisting

To those who can’t accept the reality of the current moment, which in this case is that a house fire has occurred and possessions have been lost, life can begin to feel like a tug-of-war.

You continue to push and pull, to argue and deny, until you are knocked off your feet and dragged into the muck. It all begins with a preconceived notion of how things ought to be.

“Why can’t things turn out the way you imagined them?” you ask yourself. “We were so happy before. Why did this house fire have to occur? Why do things have to change? We didn’t deserve this.”

Often, house fire victims wrongly believe that there must be something wrong with them or that they must have done something wrong to justify the house fire occurring.

But this is the wrong way to look at what has happened.

We need to let go of our expectations of how things ought to be and accept them as they are if we want to end the tug-of-war.

In order to live in a state of nonresistance and accept life as it comes, we must never attempt to hold onto the past or shield ourselves from the future.

Address Your Reluctance to Change

The key to breaking the bonds holding us to our suffering is acceptance.

We are no longer held captive by what has happened when we acknowledge, permit, and accept it.

Those who are willing to accept that a house fire has occurred and there is nothing they can do to change that fact will gain access to freedom.

This requires effort, though. Rarely is it just a one-time thing. How, then, do we actually accept what has happened?

  • Look deep within yourself and gain a better understanding of your inner drivers
  • Let go of your stories, animosity, and resistance
  • Clear the slate by extending grace and forgiveness
  • Practice thankfulness
  • Seek out the positive

Recognize Your Power of Choice

Every day, we make dozens, if not hundreds, of different decisions. These decisions may be simple and quick, similar to those we make first thing in the morning.

However, there are two types of decisions that we make: conscious and unconscious.

Every decision we make involves using our willpower repeatedly, whether consciously or unintentionally.

There is nothing more amazing than the power of choice. You have the ability to consciously create your reality and give your fantasies life at any time.

In other words, you get to shape and sculpt your life. Taking away what doesn’t make sense and adding things that give you a new dimension and personality.

This act of shaping and sculpting becomes very important in the aftermath of a traumatic even like a house fire.

You must keep in mind that you, and no one else, has any authority over these choices.

It is essential to approach your decisions with critical thought and mindful awareness because of this. Your reality is a product of everything you decide. The majority of this happens automatically and unintentionally.

But you have the power to determine whether decisions are made consciously or unconsciously. In the aftermath of a house fire, when there is so much uncertainty in your life, it is important to start paying close attention to the decisions you make.

How Can You Make Wiser Decisions?

After a house fire, you should conduct an honest inventory of your life if you want to make better decisions since the proper questions always come first.

That calls for introspection and self-reflection. Give yourself the go-ahead to center your attention on yourself for a bit. Take some time and space away from other people to calm down and identify your motivations.

It’s important to understand the underlying reasons for your behavior in order to know what to do when you experience a massive change like a house fire.

Remember, by confronting our negative thoughts and choosing those that uplift us rather than restrict us, we have the power to nurture serenity.

We are able to recognize our mission and make progress toward pursuing it. We can accept our new responsibilities, and live freely, inquisitively, and unapologetically. The way we approach the world has a significant and immediate impact on how we behave in it.

Keep an Open Mind

To move on from a house fire, we consciously must choose to maintain an open heart and mind. Some tips for keeping an open mind after a traumatic house fire include:

  1. Recognize that everything is happening for you, not to you.
  2. Value your development.
  3. Pay attention to the indications that you are in the right place.
  4. Recognize that love is the universe’s default setting.
  5. Recognize that trials last only for a short time and that better times are coming

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