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Repairing a Fire Damaged House – What You Need to Know About Working With Contractors

Repairing a Fire Damaged House – What You Need to Know About Working With Contractors

When it comes to repairing a fire damaged house you are going to need to find a talented, trustworthy contractor to perform the work.

Depending on where you are located and how much free time you have this task can range from easy to extremely difficult. In this article we are going to provide tips that you can use to simplify the process and ensure a good outcome.

Finding a contractor

To find a good contractor to complete the repairs to your fire damaged house you can take advantage of several free resources that are available to you.

For one thing, you can conduct extensive searches online. The contractor may have a website and there may also be websites for your area that contain contractor reviews and ratings.

Search everything – when it comes to successfully repairing a fire damaged house your selection of the right contractor is critical.

Talk to your insurance agent

Another option you have is to talk to your insurance agent. He or she may be familiar with contractors in your area and may be able to recommend some for you to interview.

However, don’t just go with an agent’s recommendation. You should still do your due diligence and interview the contractor or contractors that were recommended. A contractor that has worked for others in the past may not be the right choice for you now due to a number of factors such as work style and the number and type of jobs they have on their plate.

Get bids from multiple contractors

When it comes to selecting a contractor for repairing a fire damaged house, you should choose at least three candidates and have each of them inspect your property and complete a bid.

This bid will be a written proposal listing the contractor’s fees for renovating your fire damaged house. Each bid should include an item-by-item listing of what the contractor plans to charge for materials and labor for each repair.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Many people do not like to negotiate but doing so could end up saving you money – if you need to save money in your particular situation.

If you do need to negotiate a better deal, you can learn how much materials cost to renovate a property by spending time at your local home improvement store or by doing research online.

Getting familiar with the costs for each repair can help prevent you from being overcharged.

What to do after you receive contractor bids

Sit down with each contractor and review each part of the bid price by price. If you think a bid is inflated you can then ask the contractor to further explain the price breakdown for the materials and labor for each item.

Do not be afraid to negotiate if necessary. Just remind the contractor that you are accepting bids from two other contractors and you would like him or her to give you their best possible price.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed and discussed the bids, you can select the contractor – the best bid wins.

Always have the contractor sign a contract

When it comes to hiring a contractor for repairing a fire damaged house you should plan on having that contractor sign a contract.

This document creates a binding legal agreement in which you promise to pay money to the contractor for the work that is agreed to be performed during a specific time frame.

The contract also provides both you and the contractor with a crystal clear understanding of what is expected on both sides. Thanks to the contract the contractor knows in writing what work is to be done and you know in writing what amount is to be paid for that work.

In addition, the contract also protects you and your money in case the contractor fails to complete the work that has been agreed upon.

What should be in the contract?

Most of the time, the contractor prepares the contract and presents it to you to review. Although this releases you from the burden of preparing a contract, it is crucial that you understand the contents of the contract.

The contract should contain all of the following information:


  • Who is entering the contract
  • When the contract begins and ends
  • Where the renovations/repairs are to take place
  • The scope of the work involved
  • How the contract is to be enforced
  • Signatures to validate the contract


Here are some tips for working with contractors

Avoid conflicts

Encourage your contractor to call you any time a problem or misunderstanding arises. Make sure your contractor has your cell phone number and email address. Return his communications quickly and be courteous so you can resolve any problems immediately.

Never assume

Make sure you and your contractor have a clear understanding before the contract is signed. Never assume that things are just going to proceed smoothly. Problems often occur in life and it is better to be prepared. What often separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is that the successful people prepare for problems before they occur. Thus, the more details you include in your contract the better chance you have of getting your property completed in a timely manner with less problems.

Be hands on

You should know the status of the renovation project every day. That means visiting the property and talking with the contractor about what is complete and what is still unfinished. A hands-on approach like this helps prevent unpleasant surprises and helps ensure your repairs are completed on time and on budget.

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