How to Obtain Short-Term Housing After a House Fire

How to Obtain Short-Term Housing After a House Fire

  One of the biggest concerns for a family following a house fire is where they are going to live while their burned house is repaired. If you have friends and family nearby, you may be able to stay with them. But chances are, you won’t be able to stay with them for the entire […]

What Happens During a House Fire?

What Happens during a House Fire?

A little flame can grow into a large fire that destroys a house and endangers the lives of the occupants in as little as 30 seconds. That’s a big reason why experts say that more Americans each year are killed in fires than in all other natural disasters combined. Even if no one is hurt, […]

Burn Injuries: Everything You Need to Know

  More than 450,000 people seek medical attention for burns every year, of which 45,000 require hospitalization and 3,500 pass away, the American Burn Association indicates. In the US, only automobile accidents cause more accidental deaths than burns. In the meanwhile, severe burns can cause tremendous suffering for survivors and frequently leave sufferers with psychological […]

Getting a New Mortgage After a House Fire

If you suffer a house fire that severely damages your home, your next step is probably going to be to buy a new house. That (most likely) means getting a new mortgage. Let’s pause here for a second. If you were wondering what happens to your existing mortgage after a severe house fire – the […]