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There IS Life After a House Fire …

There IS Life After a House Fire …

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Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a crisis or suffering from a major disappointment – one of the biggest of these can be a house fire.

A house fire can rise out of nowhere to take your valuables, harm your health and send you into a spiral of depression and sadness.

Whether the situation has come about by fate or bad luck or as a result of our own actions, it can be a shocking and often terrifying experience.

Then once the initial shock has worn off, we are left to clear up the disaster that has befallen us. The fallout from a house fire can last for years and many people never recover.

These people linger in survival mode for many years, and sometimes for their lifetime, living a life of torment, extended pain and suffering following the disaster.

They are unable to move on with their lives and are never able to prosper again.

Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some tips for recovering from a house fire and getting on with your life.

Stay calm and think about what to do next logically 

At the time of the house fire, it may seem like the end of the world but it is generally not. Panic is counterproductive. It is also contagious.

If you start to panic, other people will panic as well. All the energy you put into panicking can be utilized far more effectively when you stay calm.

Of course, you may feel overwhelmed and see the whole situation as enormous.

Your mind may try to think of how to solve everything at once, which adds to the sense of being overwhelmed. Remember, if it did not seem overwhelming, then it would not be a disaster so it is the nature of the beast.

To combat this type of thinking, you need to try and slow things down inside your mind following a house fire.

When you panic you see everything going very fast and you have a sense it is all progressing beyond your control. When you slow things down inside your mind, you are able to examine a situation with a greater sense of control.

To accomplish this, do the following:

Begin to imagine what you would be like if you were calm. Inside your mind, with your eyes closed, slow everything down. See what is happening very slowly as if it was a film in slow motion.

Break that picture down into small chunks so you can handle each chunk of the greater dramas individually. Write out what all those small chunks are.

Imagine the solution to each small chunk. Then write out a master plan of how to handle each issue separately, one after the other.

You should now have a sequential list to follow strategically to begin to stabilize the situation. Tick off each task as you complete them.

Now begin taking steps to stabilize your situation 

Initially, you may think this is a tall order. You have, after all, experienced a major trauma with your house fire.

You cannot, however, stay in the victim mode. That is a reactive, not a proactive, state of mind. The reactive state of mind is disempowering and to remain in it is self-destructive, compounding the destructiveness of the disaster.

Taking action enables you to have a sense that you have some power over the situation. It means you are no longer helpless but instead are someone who is actively, methodically going through the motions of recovering from your trauma.

You need to take control yourself of what is happening to you as much as possible. This is no time to be timid or to play the person who will be rescued by everyone else. It is the time to kick into full survival mode, assess your losses, consider your resources and take action to stabilize the situation.

You need to learn to minimize the damage that the house fire has caused in your life. This goes beyond physical damage to your house and includes how you are feeling mentally and physically.

Remember, when those around you are losing their heads, keep yours

Stabilizing the situation in a disaster is essential to reduce any further loss, injury or damage. Waiting to stabilize the situation can never be an option.

Sometimes taking the proactive action to stabilize a situation may upset some people, but it is what has to be done as soon as the shock of the disaster has passed.

What can you do to help stabilize your situation? Think about all of the following:

What do you need to do to stop the pain of the disaster from continuing any longer?

What resources do you have that can help you put an end to this situation?

Who do you know that could help you?

Who do you need to contact who could help you but whom you do not know right now, and how can you contact them?

Work quickly with a sense that things need to happen immediately. 

Try to limit the damage to your life 

You must make every effort to limit the damage of your house fire disaster by going beyond the comfortable and taking extraordinary measures as soon as humanly possible. Do not wait to take that action.

Many disasters like a house fire are not anticipated. This can throw us into a state of shock and prevent us from taking action and moving forward.

A house fire calls for action. Here are some things you can do: 

List the damage to your life that has occurred because of the disaster.

List the damage that could occur in the future due to the repercussions of the house fire.

Ask a friend, colleague or someone who knows your situation what they think the damage to your life is or what the damage might be in the future.

Combine your lists. Go through each item and try to devise a way to limit the damage of each. Be very thorough in your analysis and projections.

Check back with the other person to see if they agree with you. Now that you have your list, begin to take action to limit the damage. 

One way to limit the damage 

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