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5 Things To Do After Your House Burns Down

5 Things To Do After Your House Burns Down

A house fire is never something you’d expect to happen to you and your family, but it’s more common than you’d think. A house fire was reported every 90 seconds in 2016, and that year house fires claimed over 350 thousand residential homes as well. If you or someone you love is dealing with a fire damaged home, here are 5 things that can be done to improve this unfortunate situation.

Finding Temporary Shelter

The most important thing to do after your house burns down is to get temporary shelter.

• Charity Organizations – The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are two organizations who may be able to help you find temporary housing or shelter.

• Corporate housing – Typically reserved for businessmen on extended stays, corporate housing offers fully-furnished units that can be rented for months at a time. Sometimes your insurance company will help you pay for this expense.

• If this is a widespread natural disaster such as a wildfire, you may be eligible for government assistance. Check with FEMA’s Evacuee Hotel List to see if they can pay for a hotel.

After you’ve found housing, be sure to call us 1-800-267-2360 to learn how we can quickly buy your fire damaged home.

Contacting the Insurance Provider

If you have homeowners’ insurance, you need to contact the insurance provider and make a claim as soon as possible. Making a claim is how you are reimbursed for the damages to your fire damaged home and for any personal injuries as well. Your insurance provider will be able to help cover your daily expenses as well.

• Pay close attention to the “loss of use” provision in your policy. This outlines what you can and cannot spend the insurance money on in the event of an advance claim settlement. If the insurance company gives you settlement money in advance, keep all recipes.

Handling Finances

Important financial responsibilities after your house burns down include:

• Canceling and replacing any credit cards that were lost in the house fire

• Informing your mortgage company of the house fire

• Continuing monthly mortgage payments

Recovering Possessions

Your insurance company will give you money to replace your possessions, though the exact amount depends on your personal property coverage policy. If you don’t have homeowners’ insurance, you can always turn to charity organizations for assistance. You may also want to consider crowdfunding websites as well such as GoFundMe to raise money quickly.

Selling a Home After Fire Damage

Sometimes, instead of paying thousands of dollars to repair a home after a fire, people will sell their damaged home to a cash home buyer instead. We Buy Fire Damaged Houses is a reputable cash home buyer that has been buying homes with fire damage across the country for many years. We also buy other fire damaged property such as condos and lots in addition to buying homes with fire damage.

Call 1-800-267-2360 now to sell your fire damaged home in seven days or less.


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