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How To Find a Buyer for Your Fire Damaged Home Quickly

How To Find a Buyer for Your Fire Damaged Home Quickly

Selling your house after a fire can be emotionally difficult. You are probably already busy settling insurance claims, finding temporary housing, and just generally feeling overwhelmed with loss. For these reasons, most people just want to sell their fire damaged home quickly and move on . . .

. . . but of course, you have to find someone who is interested in buying a home with fire damage in the first place. Let’s face it, a fire damaged home for sale is sadly a deal-breaker for most homebuyers, as they tend to already be stressed out, superstitious, and nervous enough in general to begin with.

Even if the property has been fully remodeled and landscaped, once they hear that this is a fire damaged home for sale that they’re standing in, most will scatter. Fortunately, chancing your fire damaged property on the real estate market is not the only option you have.

Don’t Waste Time Trying to Sell a Fire Damaged Home to the General Public

There are motivated homebuyers who are constantly looking to buy fire damaged homes for sale with cash. Homebuyers who buy fire damaged houses with cash are your best choice because there’s no financing options to cause further delays. You can sell your house after a fire in as little as a week through cash homebuyers as opposed to going through months of negotiations (with the potential to fall through).

Other benefits of using a professional cash homebuyer include:

• Keeping all the money from the fire damaged home for sale
(no closing costs or realtor fees)

• No further home repairs, saving you even more time and money

Finding a Motivated Cash Homebuyer After a Fire

Real estate agents can also help you find cash homebuyers . . . for a fee. Using classified ads to find a reliable cash homebuyer is another possibility, but it limits you to only local cash homebuyers. You want to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible to find the best deal.

National cash homebuying companies, on the other hand, are generally far more experienced and can have better rates than local buyers. With that said, avoid any homebuying company that asks for money upfront. And if they don’t want to see the house before buying, don’t even bother with them.

We Buy Fire Damaged Houses Across the Nation

We Buy Fire Damaged Houses is a national cash homebuying company that is ready to take all of the risk out of selling your home after a fire. We have been buying fire damaged homes for years and we are interested in buying a home with fire damage from you as quickly as possible without any delays.

Selling your home after a fire doesn’t have to take very long at all and you can still get a good price. Our services include a free consultation, home inspection, cash offer and title check along with taking care of all associated closing costs.

Call 1-800-267-2360 now or take a moment to fill out our online form so that a representative from We Buy Fire Damaged Houses can contact you shortly thereafter.


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