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How to Live on a Budget After a House Fire


There is never a good time to have a house fire but economic conditions today can be particularly hard on house fire victims.

Rising inflation has made getting by difficult for many. Add a surprise event like a house fire and its accompanying expenses and many families may be thrown into financial crisis.

In this article, we are going to look at few things you can do to lower costs following a house fire.


Gas prices are soaring but there it seems like there is always some place we need to go. Some people travel several miles a day just to go to and from work. Then you have shopping to do and other errands to run. Using gasoline has become so much a part of our life many people use it without even thinking about it. We need cars to go places and cars need gas to run, so we just pay for it and move on.

It is true society has become very dependent on gasoline and no matter how high the prices go we still have to pay the price. It is something we cannot do without. So you are probable thinking now, there is no way to save in this area. Actually there are some things you can do to save money on gasoline. You can:


  • Plan before you buy a vehicle
  • Use the shortest routes
  • Combine errands
  • Service your vehicle


With higher gas prices becoming a growing concern in today’s world, technology is always improving vehicles to use less gas. This option is even available for large families with the invention of mini vans and caravans. If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle, consider what you are buying before signing the papers.

Find out if the car you are looking at is economical, that is one that gets good gas mileage. Even though newer vehicles designed today receive better gas mileage than ones build in the past, you still need to find out how many miles per gallon you can expect to see. So consider your options before buying your next vehicle, it could save you plenty.

Using the shortest routes to places you have to go will also save you money. The less time it takes you to get there the less gas you used, therefore the less money you spend.

Combining your errands will save you a lot. For example if you know you have to go to town on a certain day for business, plan to buy your grocery’s while you are already out and nearby. Make appointments on the same day and close enough together that you can go from one straight to the other.

If your children have practices at different schools at different times, make one trip do for all of them. Have everyone in the car and ready to go at the same time. Start taking them in the order their events starts until everyone arrives at their destinations. You can have it planned out so you can pick them up the same way. This way you are making a round trip for everyone, instead of taking one child out then coming back home to pick up another, etc….

You can also consider car pooling. Get together with a few friends and work out a schedule for this. Each one of you chose a week to drive the rest to work. This can be done with taking your children to practices also. Designate one parent per week to carry the children to and from practices. You may be surprised at how much you can save this way.

Have you noticed that your vehicle does not get as good of gas mileage as it did when you first bought it? If so, when was the last time you had it serviced? Did you know that your car uses more gas if it needs a tune up? If it has been a while since you had your car serviced then you should consider setting up an appointment to have this done right away.

You make think you don’t have the extra money for this but it really is not that expensive. Keep in mind that by servicing your vehicle you will be saving on gasoline. You will also be extending the life of your vehicle by keeping it in good running condition.

When you have your car serviced you will need to make sure you have your oil and transmission fluids changed along with their filters. Have the spark plugs and air filter checked and replaced if needed. It is a good idea to have the air pressure in your tires checked also. Not only can this help the way your car handles but even this can help you receive better gas mileage.


When it comes to paying utilities your electric bill can run rather high sometimes, especially during the peak months. This would be in the middle of summer when air conditioners need to be run on high. It also includes the winter months when you need heat to keep the house warm enough to be comfortable.

There are several ways to accomplish this. You can start by making your home more insulated. This will hold the heat in the winter and the cool air in the summer. The less that leaks out through cracks in your home the less energy it takes to heat or cool your home.

Check your hot water heater to see what temperature the tank is set on. Most of the time when you buy a new hot water tank the factory temperature setting is way too high. Turning it down to a lower more reasonable temperature will lower your electric bill. This is because the lower the setting, the less electricity it takes to heat the water.

Have you been burned by hot water from your sink? It does happen and is especially a safety risk for children. By turning the setting down on your hot water tank the water will still be hot enough for everyday use, but you don’t run the risk of someone being burned by it. At the same time you are making the water safer, you are saving money.

There are still many other ways to save money on your electric bill. Here is a list of a few of them:


  • Keep doors closed to rooms of the house that is not in use.
  • Keep all closet doors closed.
  • Turn all lights off when not needed.
  • Don’t turn your thermostat up and down, leaving it at one temperature will conserve energy and save money.
  • Having curtains over your windows will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.
  • Don’t leave appliances on when not using, such as the television and radios.


Following these few simple steps will help you to save money on your electric bill. Try them for a month and you should see a difference on your next bill. Sometimes even the smallest things can help you save in a big way.


You can even save on your water bill. One way is by limiting the time you let the water run when showering. For example, don’t turn the water on and let it run when you are not ready. Wait until you are completely prepared to take your shower then turn the water on.

Teach your children to not let the water run when brushing their teeth, and practice this same habit yourself. It seems like a little thing to do, but it does save on your water bill. This is especially true if you have a large family.

Don’t water your lawn unnecessarily or for long periods of time. Check your sprinkles often to make sure they don’t leak or come on when they are not suppose to. Check the position of the sprinkles, sometimes they get moved accidentally and you end up watering things you shouldn’t be, like sidewalks or roadways.

This is a big waste and will make both your electric and water bills go up considerably. Make it a habit to check these things on a regular basis. Keeping them in good working order will help you save money.

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