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Importance of Staying Positive After a House Fire

Importance of Staying Positive After a House Fire

If you are not careful, an unexpected negative event like a house fire can wreck your attitude and send you into a state of depression.

From there, things could get much for you before they get better – if they ever do. That’s why, if you have been the victim of a house fire, you need to take steps now to maintain a positive attitude.

Here are some tips for staying positive through the aftermath of a house fire as your insurance settlement is processed and your house is repaired or sold.

Choose to consciously focus on the positive

The first step in changing attitude is to start looking for and thinking about the good things in your life.

As we are influenced by experience and environment, our action is also influenced by what we think and what we see. Learn to praise accomplishments rather than criticizing mistakes.

Stop procrastinating and start accomplishing

It is often human nature to keep on delaying work. We think that tomorrow will always come. But the truth is sitting idly by, even for a minute, can cost you.

The worst thing about procrastination is that it also builds up a negative attitude.

When a work is completed, we feel happy and relieved while an incomplete work always hovers around our minds. Until and unless it is completed, you always feel that you are chained down by something.

Make a habit of completing tasks today instead of leaving them for tomorrow. That means get those repair projects taken care of … interview those contractors … talk to your insurance agent about your settlement.

Live in the present tense. Remove the habit of saying, “I will do it someday.”

Change that into, “I will do it now or today.” When you say “someday,” it often means “none of these days.”

Don’t build up the habit of procrastination. Always remember, “The early bird catches the fattest worms.” Start taking action today for a better tomorrow. Then before you know it the house fire will have been dealth with and put behind you.

Build up your positive self-esteem

Our action is a visible form of the invisible mind. Mind influences our actions very much.

That means if we feel happy, our performance is better. If we feel sad, it negatively impacts our performance.

To put it another way, as long as you don’t have positive self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence, you won’t succeed in life.

The first step for building positive self-esteem is getting rid of ego. It can be a curse in life.

Many become too arrogant to really listen to the words of others. We think we know better when often we don’t.

No matter how educated and intellectual you are, there may still be some areas you are not well informed in. That’s why you need to learn to listen to the words of others and to put what they say into action.

Avoid negativity

Our mind is influenced by the action and behavior of others. Peers and the media are the two most influencing factors of our behavior.

If we surround ourselves with negative people or consume a lot of negative programming our self-confidence and self-esteem suffer.

Then we don’t achieve our goals due to the lack of self-confidence that we have developed.

Remember this: if you are in the company of cheaters then you are likely to become a cheater as well.

On the other hand, if you are in the company of hard workers then you are more likely to become a hard worker yourself.

Likewise, if you are in the company of honest people then you are likely to become more honest.

Staying positive is very important, especially now

Recent studies conducted on attitude have come up with some very interesting facts. Despite everyone’s conception, education contributes only a mere 15% in getting a new job or promotion while the remaining 85% is because of attitude.

Thus, the importance of attitude can’t be overrated when it comes to achieving success in life … or recovering from something difficult like a house fire.

Positive attitude is the key to success, while negative attitude is the key to failure. Each and every moment of our life is determined by this difference between the stepping stone and the stumbling block.

Turning this unfortunate situation where you are the victim of house fire into something positive rests squarely on your ability to maintain a positive attitude.

With a positive attitude you can get through this crisis faster and easier than any other way!

Maintain positive thinking about everything

Every person has a different goal and ambition but the source of success is still “ATTITUDE.” It is everything in life. It follows you everywhere – whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you are.

If attitude is everything, isn’t it your primary duty to be concerned about your attitude in whatever you do? Always ask yourself how your attitude is affecting your life and well-being.

Remember, the famous biblical story of David and Goliath

A small shepherd boy killed a giant. David, a small 17-year-old shepherd visited his brother. He asked his brother if he could fight with the giant, Goliath. His brother answered David, “Goliath is too large to hit.” David replied, “He is not too large to hit but too large to miss.” The small boy went out with a sling to fight with the giant. He killed the giant with a slingshot. This is a good example that with a positive attitude, you can achieve anything regardless of the size of the difficulty.

The moral of the story is that everyone can have a different perception to a huge task. Lazy and timid persons may give up the task thinking it to be too difficult to achieve. However, the wise and the brave try to explore all possible avenues to achieve it.

So don’t give in to negative thoughts. Remain positive and begin taking action to get this unfortunate house fire situation resolved.

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