Getting a New Mortgage After a House Fire

If you suffer a house fire that severely damages your home, your next step is probably going to be to buy a new house. That (most likely) means getting a new mortgage. Let’s pause here for a second. If you were wondering what happens to your existing mortgage after a severe house fire – the […]

Assessing the Value of Your Fire-Damaged House

  If your house has been damaged by fire one of the first things you likely want to find out is the value of what is remaining. The good news is you don’t have to be a licensed inspector to effectively evaluate a property’s value. Here are some things to consider when attempting to assess […]

Moving Forward After a House Fire

  A house fire is a very traumatic event, one that you may have to work hard to recover from. The first key to moving past a house fire and getting on with your life is called “noticing.” What is noticing? Self-observation and self-awareness are other terms for noticing. Noticing is becoming present in the […]

Renting a Storage Unit After a House Fire

  If your home has been severely damaged by fire you may need to rent a storage unit to house undamaged items. For example, if you need to stay in a smaller rental home or apartment, you may need the storage unit to store furnishings and other items that won’t fit in your new living […]

How to Replace a Fire-Damaged Deck

A frequent site of home fires is the patio or deck. If your outside space has been damaged by fire, here are some tips to keep in mind when replacing it.  Basic steps for patio construction There are six basic areas that you will want to address to ensure to maximize the beauty and effectiveness […]