Do I Still Owe My Mortgage if My House is Destroyed by Fire?

  If your house is destroyed by fire, you may still owe your mortgage, depending on your specific circumstances and the terms of your mortgage contract. Generally, when you take out a mortgage to purchase a home, you agree to repay the loan over a set period of time, typically 15 to 30 years. The […]

How to Ensure Your House Fire Claim Receives the Biggest Possible Payout

  Many homeowners make mistakes with their house fire claims that end up costing them money. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at house fire claims, the common reasons they are denied, and what you can do to ensure the best possible payout. What is a house fire claim? A […]

Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Cover House Fire Damage?

  Are you wondering whether your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover house fire damage? In most instances, yes, your homeowners’ policy does cover house fire damage. However, it is up to you to understand the policy’s house fire damage clauses and ensure your property insurance is as good as it should be. Let’s take a […]

Overcoming the Shock & Trauma of a House Fire

  One of the biggest obstacles many house fire victims face is overcoming the shock and trauma of the event. After all, most people don’t expect a house fire to occur .. so, when one does, it can leave us reeling. We may feel uncertain and uneasy; like the ground is moving beneath us and […]

How to Obtain Short-Term Housing After a House Fire

How to Obtain Short-Term Housing After a House Fire

  One of the biggest concerns for a family following a house fire is where they are going to live while their burned house is repaired. If you have friends and family nearby, you may be able to stay with them. But chances are, you won’t be able to stay with them for the entire […]

How to Help Someone Who Has Suffered a House Fire

How To Help Someone Who Has Suffered A House Fire

  If you know someone who has suffered a house fire, there are many things you can do to help them during what is often a very difficult situation. Here are some suggestions: Be there to listen and support Often, those who suffer a traumatic event like a fire need to “talk it out.” So, […]

How to Best Deal With a Property Claim Adjuster After a House Fire

How to Best Deal With a Property Claim Adjuster After a House Fire

  While experiencing a house fire is typically heartbreaking, if you know how to bargain with a property claim adjuster, you can successfully reduce your damage. First off, it is crucial to realize that adjusters represent the insurance carrier, not you. That means the interests of the company come first for them – and those […]

Why Water Damage is One More Big Thing to Worry About After a House Fire

Why Water Damage Is one more big thing To worry about after A House Fire

No homeowner or business owner ever wants to face a fire because it is a tragic event that is accompanied by uncertainty, irritation, and worry. In the end, it turns out there is, even more, to worry about than just damage from flames. Many individuals might not be aware that water damage following a fire […]

Everything You Need to Know About Electrical House Fires

Everything You Need to Know About Electrical House Fires

  There are about 46,700 electrical fires per year, according to a study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which has found that faulty electrical work is the second most common cause of residential fires. So are you at risk? And what can you do to protect yourself and your family from a house fire […]