What Happens During a House Fire?

  A little flame can grow into a large fire that destroys a house and endangers the lives of the occupants in as little as 30 seconds. That’s a big reason why experts say that more Americans each year are killed in fires than in all other natural disasters combined. Even if no one is […]

Holiday Season a Dangerous Season for House Fires

  We are now entering the time of year when the chance of you being a house fire victim increases. Fire experts say the leading day for house fires in America is Thanksgiving Day. Also, the U.S. Fire Administration reports that Christmas Day and New Year’s Day each have close to double the usual number […]

House Fire Risk Increases in Winter, Here’s What You Need to Know

  No matter the time of year, house fires are dangerous, but as the temperature drops, they undoubtedly happen more frequently. The American Red Cross reports that the number of house fires rises between the fall and winter seasons, peaking in December and January. The U.S. Fire Administration calculates that 890 persons per year die […]

How to Recover Mentally & Physically from a House Fire

  A house fire can have numerous mental and physical effects. For example, emotionally following a fire a person often feels shock, anger, and a longer-term feeling of hopelessness and despondency. Because a house fire is a loss – the loss of your home – the emotions can be comparable to those of mourning. And […]

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Fire-Damaged House?

  Over $12 billion in damages were inflicted by over 500,000 fires in 2019, the latest year for which statistics are available. So in other words, even modest fires can result in significant financial losses as well as considerable emotional losses. If you have experienced a house fire and suffered losses, it’s important to clean […]

How Long Does the Smoke Smell Last After a House Fire?

  A house fire is always tragic. No matter how big or tiny the fire, it is going to ruin to some degree the priceless memories that were created in the home. Still, you can’t afford to lament your loss for very long. You need to start cleaning up for the safety and well-being of […]

How a House Fire Impacts Insurance Rate

  One of the biggest concerns of those who have suffered a house fire or are worried about suffering one is how the fire will impact their insurance rate. Unfortunately, the answer is if you suffer a house fire, you can expect the impact on your rate to be significant. According to new research, the […]

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover After a House Fire?

  In the US, fire departments respond to a call every 24 seconds – many of these calls are for house fires. Hopefully, your home will never be the reason for one of these house fire calls but if it is, or if you are just worried about what might happen if your home did […]

Dealing With Water Damage After a House Fire

  It’s critical to move promptly to clean up and restore your property if water damage occurs during the process of putting out a house fire. Homeowners should keep in mind that although some service providers tackle property damage in a “one size fits all” manner, others offer a tailored strategy. Let’s look at some […]